Cat Care

We appreciate how stressful and worrying it can be leaving your cats at home when you go away.   We can alleviate that concern for you with one of our services.  You have the facility through TIME TO PET to give us any many instructions as required to provide the best possible care for your purry pals.

We will keep you fully updated with notes, chatter and photos of all our visits so you can see that all is well at home.

Catteries are not suitable for every cat and can cause them unnecessary stress.  As we know, most cats would much prefer their own home, toys, smells and territories.

from £15 per visit 

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Pop-in Service

With our Pop-In Service we visit your cat at their home and spend quality time with them. This service naturally includes feeding, play, petting, brushing, cleaning and general care based on your individual requirements. We always ensure that we visit at approximately the same time(s) every day so your little one is never left alone for more than is necessary.

from £15 per visit

Live-in Service

You may feel that your cat needs a little bit more care than the Pop-In Service. One of our carers can house-sit at your home and care for your cat there. This service means that your cat will have more company, affection and attention.

All our carers are very respectful of owners’ homes and property and ensure they clean up after themselves and the pets in their care. Time to Pet allows you to add full instructions and detailed information about your home and your pet that is followed to the letter for your peace of mind.

from £40 per 24 hour period 

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When visiting your pets and home, we can also undertake any other task required to ensure that your animals are safe, fit, well and warm and your property is secure and well looked after. All our carers can administer pet medications and clean up after any animal.

Ask about any additional service you may require that is not listed on our site. But when visiting your home, we can…

  • Take pets to vets
  • Buy pet supplies
  • Stock the fridge
  • Make sure your favourite TV show is recording
  • Run the hoover around
  • Water the plants/garden
  • Mow the lawn
  • Pop in and check on dependant friends or relatives
  • Be present for deliveries or other services
  • …whatever you need
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation

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