Dog Care

We can offer a varied range of care for your dog.  Whether you are out at work, away on holiday or just need some extra help we can create a care program that works for you and your pet.   We can also assist in enforcing training and keep you updated on behaviours, health and any other concerns.

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Dog Walking

With pick-up and drop-off included, we can help keep your dog fit, well and happy with our intimate dog walks. Our standard 60 minute walks are smaller groups than many other walkers so that your dog gets plenty of attention and 1-on-1 care when out with us.

We are meticulous in ensuring that all our dogs are compatible with one another when in a group so that all our walks are fun and stress free for every dog. And they make new friends too! We naturally take extra care with dogs when off the lead and only do so when it is safe and with your permission.

Solo Dog Walking

We understand that some dogs are not sociable with others, may have some behavioural issues or may be in season. In these instances, we can organise solo dog walks so that your pet never misses out of the exercise and love they need.

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Pop-in Service

With our Pop-In Service we visit your dog at your home (multiples of 30 minutes) and spend 1-on-1 quality time with them. This could include play, feeding, and/or walks. Whatever you need.

Live-in Service

When you are going away from home one of our carers can live at your home and care for your dog in a familiar environment We stick to the routine your dog is used to, this helps reduce stress and anxiety. This service ensures that your dog will have company, affection and attention.

All our carers are very respectful of owners’ homes and property and ensure they clean up after themselves and the pets in their care. You will be issued with the carer’s DBS check ahead of any Live-In Service starts, for peace of mind.

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Sitting Service

If you require a longer period of care for your dog on any day we can sit with them at your home for as long as you need. This service is very popular with those owners with new puppies or those dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. When caring for dogs in this situation we can, of course, assist in enforcing training, feeding and any form of exercise.

Boarding (limited availability)

Some of our carers can board your dog at their homes. This does not suit every dog so please consider that this may cause unnecessary stress to your pet as it can take a while for them to settle into a new environment.

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When visiting your pets and home, we can also undertake any other task required to ensure that your animals are safe, fit, well and warm and your property is secure and well looked after. All our carers can administer pet medications and clean up after any animal.

Ask about any additional service you may require that is not listed on our site. But when visiting your home, we can…

  • Take pets to vets
  • Buy pet supplies
  • Stock the fridge
  • Make sure your favourite TV show is recording
  • Run the hoover around
  • Water the plants/garden
  • Mow the lawn
  • Pop in and check on dependant friends or relatives
  • Be present for deliveries or other services
  • …whatever you need
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation
  • Narps Accreditation

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